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MMO Tools Seuntjies DiceBot - Auto Betting with more custom

Discussion in 'Gambling & Games' started by DannyTuan, Jun 14, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2018
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    Seuntjies DiceBot is a program to automate betting strategies, like martingale, for crypto currency dice sites, or in other words, a betting bot. DiceBot supports a multitude of sites and currencies, including pocketrocketscasino (Btc), prime dice (Btc), Just-Dice (Clam) and many more. Updates are regularly released to fix bugs, improve the bot and add new and innovative features to the bot.

    This is the most advanced betting bot available, including awesome features such as flexible betting systems, profit and bets charting, searchable bet history, auto roll verification, automatic withdrawal/invest and a programmer mode to code your own strategy.

    Sites currently supported :
    • 999Dice
    • BetKing
    • Betterbets
    • Bitdice
    • Bit-Exo
    • Bitsler
    • BitVest.IO
    • CoinMillions
    • crypto-games
    • DuckDice
    • FortuneJack
    • Just-dice
    • KingDice
    • Monerodice
    • MoneyPot
    • NitrogenSports
    • Prime Dice
    • Provably.IO
    • Rollin.IO
    • SafeDice
    • Satoshi Dice
    • WealthyDice YoloDice
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    • Different settings modes for the varying experience levels.rience levels.
    • Different built in betting systems: Martingale, labouchere, d’alembert, Fibonacci and preset list
    • Zig-Zag: switch between betting high and low
    • Automatic invest or withdraw on profit goal reached
    • Realistic simulations of your strategy using the sites own RNG algorithms
    • Roll Verifier: automatically verify rolls for select sites, or generate a file with the roll numbers for a certain client and server seed combination
    • A lot of stats including: profit, wins, losses, streak info, profit predictions, max bets before bankruptcy
    • Email notifications for certain events (user can enable/disable)
    • Sound notifications for certain events (user can enable/disable)
    • Option to save username and password locally (no sneaky stuff done with usernames and passwords, check the code if you don't believe me)
    • Automatically saves current bet settings on exit
    • Import/export settings
    • Generates table with possible profits/losses for up to 30 losses in a row
    • Minimize to tray
    • Emergency escape key
    • Bet history table that auto verifies rolls when possible, can also be searched for certain rolls
    • A programmer mode to code your own strategy using a lua script
    • Live and historic profit charts, as well as custom range charts
    • many stop and reset conditions
    • See the bots’ bitcointalk thread here


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